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Graphite Crystal Structure x2

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Build 2 models simultaneously of a 4 layer semi-space filling representation of the graphite crystal model with this versatile kit. You can identify the unit cells and appreciate their orientation in the creation of this crystal easily.  Explore the graphite structure and find a deeper understanding of the hybridization concept. Discover the underlining principles behind the allotropes of carbon, the strength of its bonds and compare and contrast the properties of the different pure carbon structures such as hybridization, resonance and electrical conductivity.  Investigate and contrast the 2 models in the rhombohedral and hexagonal forms by varying the layering and bonding of each model with ABAB and ABCA orientation of carbon sheets respectively.


240 - Carbon Trigonal Bipyramidal (Black, 23mm)
304 - Short Bonds (Clear, 2mm)
72 - Rigid Bonds (Gray, 27mm)
1 - Graphite Instructional Manual

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