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Super-Size Organic Molecular Model Expansion Set

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Product Description

Expand the capabilities of your 20-S910 set to include the ability to assemble the following molecular structures:

(NOTE: This Set will not stand on its own or make the following molecules without the 20-S910 Set.  This is an expansion set to enhance your 20-S910 set)   

  • Alkane structural isomers, linear and branched chain molecules
  • Cyclic Hydrocarbons (Cyclohexane, Boat vs Chair formations)
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Benzene)
  • Ether Compounds (Diethyl Ether)
  • Carboxylic Esters
  • Stereo isomerism

Set Contents:  

  • 4 Carbon (Black) Tetrahedral
  • 2 Double Bonded Carbon (Black/Black      Structure (C=C)
  • 6 Hydrogen (White) Semi Space Filling      Monovalent
  • 6 Hydrogen (White) Monovalent Recessed      Receptor
  • 5 Halogen Semi Space Filling Monovalent           
    • Iodine - 3
    • Chlorine - 1
    • Bromine - 1
  • 1 Package of 6 Opaque Flexible Bonds


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